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syurga tempatmu

innalillahwainnalillahirojiun.... "ingat 5 perkara sebelum 5 perkara. ....sihat sebelum sakit...." siapa sangke. last kite jumpe 29 April hari tu, ijah sihat, blh senyum, blh gelak2 tapi pagi ni, first morning call ak dpt berite ijah da tak de.. even die bkn kwn rapat, tp die still kwn yg baik. sape sangke yg tak rapat tu la slalu ade time ak ade masalah. apepun kite hanye mampu merancang. Allah lebih menyayanginya. semoga ijah ditempatkan dlm kalangan org2 yg beriman...
amin.. al-fatihah....

memory deleted

the mind-computer system deleted memory on you and keep deleting. the dustbin up here keep receiving the unused data             --non stop-- and i'm working on the big spaces left. my 'delete' button functioned well i guess. 

sorry dude, you're erased.
once you can hurt, you can love. thats a human

a handkerchief meeting

wipes away your sweat in tough times, and your tears in moments of sorrow. keep stay in your hand on the special, and wondrous day
it is priceless to be and to be with  someone who could bring back your smiles