Jul 21, 2015

Please come back..

Last night i had a dream. I am in the middle of cats carnival. There were cages. All for sale. I walked and passed one by one cage. In the middle of noisy and rough people, my eyes spotted on this little dear.. With price tag showed RM280, she is all in white clean coat. Her eyes are wide ocean blue. Just like the blue diamond neclace in Titanic film, The Heart of The Ocean, made me so wanted to came closer. As I came near her, deeply stared into her wide ocean blue eyes, for a minutes and she just silent, I realized that I couldnt find the pupils. Her right eye is just empty shiny wide diamond blue while there were only a small dot in the centre of left eye. Small black dot. She was so silent until I talked to her. She responed but she couldnt see me.. She is blind.. Poor little creature.. She is blind with such beautiful eyes.. She is blind and being in the middle of noisy place. Helpless, dont know what is going on around. I dont know why I had such of dream. Last 2 nights I lost Yuyu. Missing in action. And yesterday Mika gone and yet still missing. All night me and dad walking around our taman and called their name. Yuyu! Mika! But nothing. No answer. They even not coming home. Vanished. Just like that. U know how hard to give them away to friends and it is harder when they vanished like this. I cried till fall asleep and having such dream. Mika and Yuyu are scared to other human and they did not having lunch yet before missing. I dont mind if someone took them away but please let me know they are safe. Please.. :'(